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Fastest Swimming Mammal

The fastest swimming mammal is the Killer Whale, it is also known by the name Orcinus Orca. Did you know that the Killer Whale is not in fact a type of whale? This Orcinus Orca is really the largest type of dolphin that exists. In general, animals which are this big cannot move extremely quickly. However, the Killer Whale can travel up to 34 miles per hour. If you are working in the metric system, you will know that the Killer Whales travel at 55.5 kilometers per hour.

Now that we know that the Killer Whale is the fastest swimming mammal in the world, now let us look at what the significance of such a statement is. Why does it matter that the Killer Whale is the fastest swimming mammal on the planet? Having this unique attribute allows the creature to have some adaptations that really help it.

Because this mammal can swim so quickly, it is one of the fastest predators in the ocean. Therefore, other sea creatures had better beware! They are able to catch seals, sea lions, and whales, which help to keep them nourished and full.

Now that we have told you what the absolute fastest swimming mammal in the ocean is, why don’t we look at some of the other creatures of the sea and how fast they swim. You will notice that the size of the mammal has a huge effect on how quickly they are able to go.

Although the Killer Whales are fast, they are much slower than the fastest fish in the sea. These fish are as follows and they travel at the following speeds:

  • Sailfish (68 miles per hour)
  • Marlin (50 miles per hour)
  • Wahoo (48 miles per hour)
  • Tunny (46 miles per hour)
  • Bluefish tuna (44 miles per hour)
  • Great blue shark (43 miles per hour)
  • Bonefish (40 miles per hour)
  • Swordfish (40 miles per hour)
  • Four winged flying fish (35 miles per hour)
  • Tarpon (35 miles per hour)